Fishing Villages in the Dominican Republic

by Karla Harmer

Fishing Villages in the Dominican Republic

Fishing Villages in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic there are various fishing villages which all offer different things to their visitors. In this article, we will discuss two of these which are wonderful places to visit for all those who love the sea.


Bayahibe is a fishing town where there are many large resorts. It is the best location for scuba diving in the Dominican Republic, with beautiful coral formations, many different types of fish. The three shipwrecks found there offer hours of exploration fun.

On Bayahibe Beach one can spend hours relaxing on the white sand. Those who visit Bayahibe should also visit the nearby national park, with many beautiful lagoons, different wildlife and spectacular birds.

Snorkeling is also a great activity in Bayahibe, as are the boat tours which take you to Saona Island. This island is a typical desert island, even though there are a few people who actually live on it. There is a natural reserve on this island, and it is known for the incredible number of starfish living on its beaches and in its waters.

SInce Bayahibe is a fishing town, fishing is of course a great activity, and Deep Sea fishing is popular in Bayahibe. This activity is carried out by the locals and also by visitors who are looking for something unusual and fun.

Las Galeras

This is another fishing village which is much less industrialized and more secluded than Bayahibe. Las Galeras is extremely tiny, and is known as a sleepy seaside village. In Las Galeras one can find the least crowded beaches where visitors may enjoy secluded stretches of sandy beaches just for themselves.

Las Galeras is very far from mass tourism. In this small village visitors can mingle with the local residents and experience their simple way of life.

Activities to enjoy in Las Galeras are, taking horseback rides on the beach, going hiking or kayaking, and even whale watching. There are a many restaurants in Las Galeras where one can taste some delicious, fresh seafood and some of the Dominican Republic’s world-renown rum.

Las Galeras is the perfect place for those who are looking for the ideal holiday to really leave the world behind.

Experiencing the gorgeous beaches the Dominican Republic has to offer your way. For those who like resorts and who want to go diving and explore the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea, Bayahibe is a great destination, while for those who are looking for a place to relax in total peace and tranquillity, the tiny village of Las Galeras offers the perfect getaway.


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